Nursing, Entrepreneurship, Perseverance

Unique courses that are presented from a fellow Nurse Entrepreneur who has been through the trenches and will share with you all the blueprint to building a successful nursing business.

This is the comprehensive collection of all “DaveTheNurse” Courses that are made available through the Health & Wealth Academy. These courses will help guide you through every facet of your journey. They include videos, guides, live chats with DaveTheNurse and much more.

Starting your business

How to get off the ground

An in depth step by step 7 chapter course on how to turn your dream of a business into reality.

Planning & Preparing for Success

This course will guide you through the steps you take once you have set your foundation and completed all necessary of the tasks to enter the world of businesss.

Hiring Employees & Contractors

A step by step on how to find the right people, interview potential employees, quickly and efficiently get them onboard while handling all of the details that come along with this process.

Successfully Launching & Handling Early Challenges

The next steps to making your business once you have it off the ground

How to Grow Your Home Care Business

The content of this course deal with the challenges that occur in the early times of your business after you have become established.

Orientation & Onboarding


A well informed and detailed outline on successfully launching staff into the field while taking into consideration the costs that will be incurred to do this properly