What is the Health & Wealth Academy?

The Health & Wealth Academy is an online video teaching system that offers courses, lessons and positive inspiration to nurses and other healthcare workers to learn how to launch their own businesses utilizing their healthcare background. It’s an all-in one education and teaching opportunity for those healthcare nurses looking to advance into home healthcare work.

Who is Behind the Health & Wealth Academy?

The courses at the Health & Wealth Academy are run by DaveTheNurse, a Registered Nurse and entrepreneur who inspires, educates and guides nurses and entrepreneurs. DaveTheNurse has deep experience as a longtime nursing professional and in being an entrepreneur. Dave’s goal is to use his teaching methods and online courses to create both a confident clinician and help you grow a successful nursing business. Dave created the VIP Master Course for people interested in building a 7 and 8 figure business in home healthcare (and save 100s of thousands of dollars along the way).

I’m a Nurse - What can the Health & Wealth Academy do for me?

The Health & Wealth Academy can teach you how to leverage your excellent nursing experience into a new entrepreneurial career in a home-based nursing business. You will learn the many facets of being an entrepreneur:

  • How to find money

  • How to hire (or fire) employees

  • How and where to look for clients

  • How to grow a business concept into a revenue-generating company

Can I see a Sample Course before I commit?

Yes. The Health & Wealth Academy offers a Starter Course that gives you a taste of the concepts and teachings that DaveTheNurse offers in the VIP Master Bundle Course.

What is the Outlook for a Home-based Nursing Business?

Prospects look good! Jobs for home health aides and personal care aides are projected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics to grow 34 percent in the coming decade. That’s a very high employment rate! Clearly, the demand for home health aides and personal care aides will grow to manage the growing senior baby boomer and elderly senior generation.

Great! How do I get started with the Health & Wealth Academy?

Click on Get Started and choose the course to launch your new career. Payment options are noted upon your registration and sign-in. We take payments using Stripe payment system using a credit or debit card.